Monica Stanton

Monica Stanton sailed on the Professor Multanovskiy to the Antarctic Peninsula in 2007. When she downloaded her pictures on her return she found one she knew she just had to share with us.

Everything aligned up just right to give me a fantastic photo of a Crabeater seal and the Prof. Multanovskiy…I’ve been back for less than a week and am already thinking of ways to return – only this time with the family. The trip was amazing and better than I could ever imagine. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.”

Thank you, Monica. Your photo is the first “guest photographer” image on our new web site.

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S. R. Stofle

Mr. and Mrs. Stofle celebrated a special anniversary on Kapitan Khlebnikovin 2007. When they downloaded their pictures on their return from the Emperor Penguins: Snow Hill Island Safari, they discovered they had captured a wonderful aerial photograph of the icebreaker in action.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Stofle for sending us one of the finest aerial photographs of Kapitan Khlebnikov we have ever seen.

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Piotr Sobolewski

Piotr and his wife returned from Antarctica amazed by the experience. He sent us this image to introduce us to the gallery of images he has posted on the Internet.

You can see Piotr’s other images here.

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Timothy Wolcott

You never know who you might meet on one of our expeditions. Professional photographer, Timothy Wolcott traveled to Antarctica recently aboard one of our vessels. He kindly shared one of his images with us. You can see the outstanding original on his website. We thank Tim for sharing his picture and his thoughts about photographing Antarctica:

Antarctica should be called “The Land of the Majestic Landscape.” This image was photographed in a place called the “Graveyard of the Icebergs.” It was sculpted by the forces of water and the rising tides. The beam of light was moving across the bay and illuminated the iceberg behind the archway. With my trusty Phase One P45 camera, patiently waiting for the sun to appear, I managed to get one shot off before the beam of light moved away. I named this amazing image Parthenon, because it reminded us of Rome.

When you travel to Antarctica you will be overwhelmed by awe inspiring views and the majesty of the terrain. This trip will reconnect your soul with the grandeur of nature.

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Michael Larkin

Michael, of Cloudmaker Photography sailed with us to Antarctica. He kindly agreed to share one his images with us.

Thank you, Michael for sharing your image with us.