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If you are new to expedition travel you may have some questions about what to expect and about the places you’ll explore, the people you’ll meet, and the activities in which you will engage. You’ll find some of the answers here. If you don’t find answers to some of your questions, please e-mail your question to our polar professionals.

What You Can Expect


People who choose expedition travel are drawn to wilderness areas and the wildlife that inhabits them. They are seekers of insights into the natural world. They often display an interest in the past accomplishments of humankind. All our travelers enjoy adventure and the thrill of discovery.


Quark Expeditions is the polar specialist. We operate expeditions by vessel to the Arctic and Antarctica. The Arctic is a land of mountains and vast expanses, with unique wildlife such as polar bears and walrus. The Antarctic is a land of ice-encrusted mountains, inhabited by penguins. Icebergs are found at both ends of the Earth. Both are habitats for whales and seabirds. Haunting silence is another common element.

Activity Levels

On every voyage we try to offer a variety of levels of activity, from relaxed strolls to hikes that require a degree of endurance. However, the remote locations to which we travel seldom provide smooth terrain over which to walk. The ability to walk unassisted will ensure that you get the most out of the experience.

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